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Products - "It's about the effect not the source"

When you view a painting you do not look at the brush, it’s the same with professional landscape lighting.

If you visited this page before viewing the gallery you do not understand the concept of professional landscape lighting. This is understandable as in Europe you have probably only been exposed to the typical stainless steel bollard type lights or the cheap plastic lights with huge glary energy wasting bulbs you buy from the local shop. While electricians do what they do well they do not know how to design and install beautiful landscape lighting. The biggest misconception with outdoor lighting is people thinking that very bright light flooding out of a fixture is good lighting when in fact the opposite is true. If you see where the light is coming from this is poor quality lighting.

The products are just the tool to create the picture and should blend in and disappear into the natural environment as much as possible. Professional outdoor lighting is not about placing ornaments in the garden, if this is what you are looking for that is something quite different.

Ask yourself one question, does anything made from stainless steel blend into a garden, of course not so why consider this material when there are other materials such as copper, brass and bronze that weather beautifully and do blend into the natural environment and disappear. Approaching a driveway during the daytime only to see a line of obnoxious stainless steel bollards is extremely tacky, the opposite of discreet and also the light blasting out of them is usually unbearable.

Products serve a purpose and need to be very high quality but they are not and should not be considered the primary objective. Look at the gallery and if you like what you see contact me and we can discuss available products that I have used and tested over many years. The products I use are all imported from the United States where they invented this type of 12 volt lighting over 50 years ago and being proved reliable, cost effective, safe, elegant and warm.

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